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Schrödinger's cat

This is an instance for casually participating in sometimes-serious discourse with a commitment to truth and rigor. If you state a controversial claim or opinion, expect to back it up with research.

That said, this is the Internet, so don't take everything too seriously and have a good time. Memes are welcome.



  • No bigotry, discrimination, or hatespeech. Race/religion/gender/sexual orientation/nationality/ethnicity/culture/etc. This instance is inclusive.
  • Follow Wheaton's Law.
  • No trolling, doxing, or flamewars.
  • No "sex work." Commissioned art is fine.
  • No spam.
  • Self-promotion and spam accounts will be banned immediately. Some minor activity, like for independent artists or non-profits, is permissible.
  • Bots are allowed, but they may be muted from the public feed if they post excessively or come across as promotional.
  • NSFW content must be marked. This includes content containing nudity, excess profanity, or extremely graphic imagery.
  • Spoilers must be marked.
  • Be mindful of copyright and fair use when posting content. Flagrant violations will be removed.
  • Trigger warnings are permitted, but be aware that they are a bad idea.
  • Be careful with how much you reveal about your identity.
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