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My fitness app is guilting me. And it's working.

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CNN reporting on Yemen and showing the defense companies and the number of deaths they're responsible for. CNN, just starting to do journalism in the year 2018.

New host is so much faster. Stay away from WootHosting!

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It's insane that one of the best horror movies ever, the Genesis of psychological horror, the movie that inspired Night of the Living Dead, Jacob's Ladder and Silent Hill itself, is free to watch online.

Carnival of Souls - 1962

Watch it asap.

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Trump backed 'space force' after months of lobbying by officials with ties to aerospace industry

Parenting victory: Kid wanted Paw Patrol Kraft dinner but he can't have the dairy-filled powder. Vegan shells and cheese aren't Paw Patrol shapes. So I bought both boxes, cooked the shapes, and swapped the powder packets. He gets Paw Patrol shapes, I get a happy kid, and we all get Mac and cheese.

@Gargron I used the migration steps and they worked. I wish I hadn't needed to, but at least they worked.

Mini-me and I were grossing a bridge in the park that had a shallow bit of water running over it. He decided to dip his foot down into the fast moving stream.... And last his sandal. But I walked into the stream and was able to catch up with it. Dad to the rescue, I guess.

Sorry about that @technewsbot subscribers, it took a little longer to spin up and then went a little..wrong. All should be well again.

News bots coming back online...

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if you wanna be my plover, you gotta get with my wrens

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Humble suggestion that “shitposting” on masto be renamed to “pooptootin”

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I don’t know what’s worse: a relative handful of psychopaths running the show or their having convinced masses of people that they too can be psychopathic if they work really hard at it.

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"Patrick Wardle plans to present a set of automated attacks he’s pulled off against macOS versions as recent as 2017 release High Sierra, capable of so-called synthetic clicks that allow malware to breeze through the permission prompts meant to block it"

"It's this ridiculous bypass that I found by incorrectly pasting code" he says. "I tripped over it because I was being lazy."

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If you're wondering why mastodon has so much negative space to the right it's because you can pin search tabs. Yeah I bet you love the design now.

And we're back! is back up after a week of outage brought on by an unreliable server host.
While I had a backup, it was over a week old. I've learned a lot about how Mastodon's file structure makes easy backups very difficult, especially when the old host would only stay up for 30 minute intervals.
I'm going to try to find a more robust way to back Mastodon up. The new host should be both more reliable and much faster. Thanks for your patience!
News bots will be back soon.

Apologies to all of the @NewsBot @technewsbot and @politicsbot subscribers for the outage, and subsequent flood.

Just as I was trying to pull in the latest backup to move to a different host (my regular backup was 1+ day old), my host suddenly whatever the problem was.
All day today, couldn't stay up for more than 30 mins before getting randomly shutdown. But it's fine for the moment. I went from daily to every 4-hour backups so I can hop hosts again if the problem returns.

I'll see if I can switch to a more reliable host. Sorry for the news floods everyone.

Web host support is a bunch of liars. They say they found the customer causing the outage and turned them off, but then my instance goes down again. :(

Alright everyone the web host found the abuser on the node and shut them down. No more outages.