In the Star Trek universe, there are probably people who defend the Cardassian occupation of Bajor by insisting that "It's a very complicated situation," and that "Cardassia has the right to defend itself!!!" will be updating to Mastodon v3.4.0 shortly. Hold on to your seats.

It's really concerning that so many people seem willing to just abandon safety measures right now even though almost no kids under 12 have been vaccinated.

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Think of a virus where 70% of kids are totally asymptomatic, less than 1% have severe symptoms, and less than 0.05% die. Phew that's no big deal for kids then! Don't worry about them!

Oops actually it's polio in the 1950s

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When we want to incentivize rich people we give them money, but when we want to incentivize poor people we take away money.

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Repeat after me - Use of biometrics alone does not replace a password and another factor. Biometrics alone is still single-factor, and while arguably stronger than just a password, swapping a single factor of authentication for another does not trump proper multi-factor authentication.

“It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" - J. Krishnamurti

The governor of Ohio has announced a $1 million lottery for 5 random people who get the vaccine.

Problem: people don’t understand probabilities. Solution: people don’t understand probabilities.

I bet these people don't think electric cars can drive very far.

My workplace is having a "jean day" to raise money for someone's cancer treatment.

Our society would rather have this than universal comprehensive healthcare.

At this point, I have zero interest in reading stories about "X can't find employees for open positions" unless that story also states the rate of pay, benefits offered, and experience/education required for the open position.

This is doubly true for personal anecdotes.

I feel like most of my productivity is burned up by context switching and I get a lot less done than I want to.

What are the odds that the people buying fake vaccination cards are literally the same people who complain about undocumented immigrants using fake documents?

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I can't but help feel numb from the hopelessness of it all.

Sometimes I'm not sure if I can do much more of this.

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