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🇺🇸 Politics, sales tax 

States should require businesses to include sales tax in the sticker price. Make it plainly obvious when comparison shopping that $1 is really $1.08 in Tulsa and $1.12 a few miles down the highway in Sapulpa. Gas stations already do this with fuel.

Proud to be the 2,382nd 😎 on @BackerKit for The Waylanders RPG. Thanks @waylandersrpg

I've been so desperate for something sweet to eat.

I ate a spoonful of frosting straight from an old tub in the back of my refrigerator. I'm not proud, but it satiated the craving.

All sports cancelled = no circus

38 Million unemployed = no bread

And we have a fiddler watching it all burn.

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The ACLU wants you to know that as you come out to protest, there are a few thinks to keep in mind:

1. The right to protest is a fundamental human right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment.

2. If you get stopped, ask if you are free to go. If the police say yes, calmly walk away.

3. You have the right to record. The right to protest includes the right to record, including recording police doing their jobs.

4. The police can order people to stop interfering with legitimate police operations, but video recording from a safe distance is not interfering.

5. If you get stopped, police cannot take or confiscate any videos or photos without a warrant.

6. If you are videotaping, keep in mind in some states, the audio is treated differently than the images. But images and video images are always fully protected by the First Amendment.

7. The police's main job in a protest is to protect your right to protest and to de-escalate any threat of violence.

8. If you get arrested, don't say anything. Ask for a lawyer immediately. Do not sign anything and do not agree to (cont)

My 5 year old asked, "so he's bringing out the army against us?"

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It's actually quite astonishing how, in just a matter of years, the United States has managed to totally squander decades of work building its global influence and soft power. successfully upgraded to Mastodon 3.1.4

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:Trek: :klingon: 

Worf of Wall Street

Worf goes undercover, surgically modified to look like a Ferengi

"It is a good day to diversify your assets"

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