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My spouse's art teaching supply budget was reduced by half this school year. Same number of students served, half the budget.

We aren't making up the difference out of our family's budget.

Is it safe to visit a Florida gulf beach a few days after a hurricane/tropical storm?

I expect only the most toxic or vapid people will willingly participate in this.

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My employer is building a "company culture" committee where people are nominated to the committee based on how they embody "company values." They'll be sent to retreats and shit.

I'm not nominating anyone and I better not get nominated. I perform technical work for a paycheck, it's not my job to provide soft management so real management has to do even less.

Having employees recite the company mission and vision statements at the beginning of every meeting is cultish, and whichever asshole with an MBA thought it up is a total weirdo.

Boomers have effectively reverse mortgaged the planet and don't care because they'll check out before it affects them.

The “Keep _______ Weird” crowd needs to learn that the way a place gets weird is by having cheap housing so people can work part time or not at all and still make rent.

YouTube did it again. I regularly watch videos on EVs, solar panels, and mocking sovereign citizens and anti-maskers. But somehow YouTube decided I would like a Charlie Kirk cancel culture whining video.
Pushing people to the right, probably based on a demographic assumption.

A sign that you’re in a cult: when your whole life has revolved around the religion to the point that your identity is so tied to it, you find yourself asking non-religious people “How does your life have any meaning?”

Southwest Airlines must have ransomware, right?

This country is fucking hilarious.

Pause student debt for a year, but only for terrorist attack survivors.

It seems like Merrick Garland is more interested in running the Department of Justice in a way that shields it from accurate and needed scrutiny instead of a beacon of truth and justice.

DoJ and FBI have such a terrible history up to the present, neither deserve our trust.

Cops have a well-earned reputation for being liars.

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covid death, but of someone bad, tpusa 

rip in piss lmao

The fact that the Venn diagram of people who think cancel culture has run amok and people who think critical race theory should be banned is a circle tells you all you really need to know.

I think it's apt that Bezos announces that he's going to visit space the same day Earth carbon levels are shown to be this bad. The billionaires are going to ruin the Earth, extract as much wealth as possible, and then leave most of humanity behind in the unlivable hellhole.

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