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I spend more time on data entry crap than actual technological work.

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I expect to be the latest "danger" story on a local moms Facebook group.

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So for 30 seconds I just glare at the older boys, giving them the stern "teacher look" with my arms crossed. They get spooked and leave the area around Little Smeg. Time's up, I get wee man and we head out. As we're walking out, I hear the boys telling their mom, "that man was giving us a mean look" or something. No point in talking to a parent whose every child is bully, obviously a shitty parent.


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After I calm him down, I tell him 5 more minutes to play (so he won't be leaving the park sad), and I keep a close eye on him. I notice Diesel's older brother and apparently another older brother keeping tabs on Little Smeg, "he's over here, he's over there", trying to catch him in a spot outside parental view to bully him some more. There are dozens of kids there, I can't figure out who the parent is, and I'm not going to talk to some other person's kid.


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I was at a playground with Little Smeg today. I'm sitting away a bit, and he is coming my way crying. On his way to me, two older kids, one boy and one girl each give him a drive-by shove. He tells me in the play tunnel another boy named "Diesel" shoved his head against the concrete tunnel side. And from what I gather, the two other kids are Diesel's siblings.


Pay + working conditions > phone charger + a few PTO hours

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My employer is doing a raffle to win "prizes." To participate, we have to fill out a survey saying how much we love our jobs.

They still haven't reinstated 401k matching and this year's salary raises were below mediocre.

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good morning everybody.

Be ungovernable and have a great day.

In the Star Trek universe, there are probably people who defend the Cardassian occupation of Bajor by insisting that "It's a very complicated situation," and that "Cardassia has the right to defend itself!!!" will be updating to Mastodon v3.4.0 shortly. Hold on to your seats.

It's really concerning that so many people seem willing to just abandon safety measures right now even though almost no kids under 12 have been vaccinated.

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Think of a virus where 70% of kids are totally asymptomatic, less than 1% have severe symptoms, and less than 0.05% die. Phew that's no big deal for kids then! Don't worry about them!

Oops actually it's polio in the 1950s

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When we want to incentivize rich people we give them money, but when we want to incentivize poor people we take away money.

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Repeat after me - Use of biometrics alone does not replace a password and another factor. Biometrics alone is still single-factor, and while arguably stronger than just a password, swapping a single factor of authentication for another does not trump proper multi-factor authentication.

“It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" - J. Krishnamurti

The governor of Ohio has announced a $1 million lottery for 5 random people who get the vaccine.

Problem: people don’t understand probabilities. Solution: people don’t understand probabilities.

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