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2 extremely stressful weeks and no nailbiting. Maybe I can finally kick the habit?

I wonder if I should get rid of Elastic Search on this Mastodon instance. In theory, it's a nice feature, but it's a huge performance drain. Not sure.

Web host had an outage, sorry everyone. But on the plus side, they gave me a free performance upgrade for my trouble.

Since we were down anyway, I took the opportunity to upgrade to Mastodon v2.8.0.

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Immediate Policy Change for
No spam or self-promotion whatsoever. 75% of all new account registrations are spammers or people trying to boost search results. No more.
Small promotions by independent artists/developers or for non-profits are allowed.

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Today, people in Turkey goes to the polls to choose thousands of new imprisonment targets for the AKP dictatorship.
Of 99 mayors elected from one opposition party alone the previous time, >80 were then imprisoned and replaced by unelected regime bureaucrats.

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Masto admin ( 

Seriously, who would denial of service attack a tiny Mastodon instance? Yeesh.

American regulators protecting corporate profits over human lives. What a surprise!

FAA says Boeing 737 Max 8 is airworthy

Hey peeps - we're updated to v2.7.4

I've reached that stage of life where a bowl of Raisin Bran counts as a dessert.

@Assortedflotsam peeps:

We're updated to v2.7.3

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Sorry everyone, Postgres decided to barf and I had to restore from a backup.

Good news: the backup works :)

Bad news: wtf Mastodon

Unexpected snow and a wind chill below 10F tonight.

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Parents, our food regulators are failing us. Too much regulatory capture, the "industry regulating itself" is allowing our children to be poisoned for profit. We need real and enforced food safety standards.


Prediction: sportsball team will win, other sportsball team fans will blame the ref or cheating.

And the non-fans will rave about watching advertising like a bunch of goons.

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