The “Keep _______ Weird” crowd needs to learn that the way a place gets weird is by having cheap housing so people can work part time or not at all and still make rent.

@smeg back in my hometown it seemed like an implicit acknowledgement of that fact since all the "keep x weird" folks actively fought against gentrification and the flagrantly illegal things the landlords got away with

Shame they ultimately lost, but eh

@smeg I once found myself too "weird" for a town that sold "keep [town] weird" t-shirts etc. Although by the time they're selling t-shirts they're probably not as weird anymore.



Moreover? They also need to learn the problem with gentrification isn't the increased number of stores, restaurants, and bars; but rather the fact the people who work in those places can no longer afford to live there.

@smeg CF "Keep Fremont Weird" people in Seattle shutting down the drug market, driving workers out, and trying to get rid of the Lenin statue. Scab fecking so and so's.

@smeg Not working and still paying rent seems like a tall order.

@smeg are you Alex Yablon or did you take his post word-for-word?

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