I am really quite livid and exhausted from the stalwart minimization of the importance of COVID-19 as a public health problem in pediatrics. It's a really dishonest, inconsiderate, and frankly at its core callous position to take.

When people say "only a few hundred died" I have to wonder: do you not understand that children aren't supposed to die?

I realize that sounds like a silly question but I have to ask it because the qualifier "only" does not belong with "few hundred children died."


Using the CDC Wonder database, influenza and pneumonia was the 7th leading cause of death in children age 14 and under from 1999-2019. A typical flu season has nearly 200 pediatric deaths.

In the 2020-2021 season there was 1 pediatric flu death.

Mitigations measures for COVID-19 worked to crush a respiratory viral disease that is a leading cause of death in children- and COVID-19 killed literally hundreds as many children as that disease did over that same interval.

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@smeg And this isn’t accounting for possible long-term health consequences that may arise from having had a childhood covid-19 infection and recovered.

@smeg This has been boosted onto my timeline (by @rhiannonrevolts) - couldn't stuff about dead children and Covid be CWed?

This is another case of "my opinion is so important that I don't want to CW it" which is bollocks

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