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The projected U.S. death toll is larger than the number of Americans who died fighting during the Second World War, which claimed the lives of 291,557 U.S. soldiers 

I made my bowl of Fiber One look exactly like it does on the box, with blueberries in it.

It still tastes like cardboard.

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After buying TikTok , Microsoft immediately rebrands it to bring this exciting new market segment they have acquired in line with corporate identity guidelines.

I've been on a pretty serious diet for a month. I've increased from running 5K 2-3 times per week to 4.
As usual, I've lost no weight.

And now I'm sad.

A 1% drop in GDP is a recession. We called a 6.5% drop in GDP "The Great Recession". In 1929, we called a 15% drop in GDP "The Great Depression". What do we call a 33% drop in GDP?

"But this latest tweet is fascistic and is itself grounds for the president's immediate impeachment again by the House of Representatives and his removal from office by the Senate," he said.

Getting strong late Roman Republic vibes this morning.

The "delay the election" headline is an intentional distraction from the news that GDP shrank by 10% in Q2. Trump is failing on the economy, and he wants to suppress that news with an outrageous headline.

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My next car will be an EV. Any EV owners out there? Any concerns or thoughts?

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I think I found the cause of my Masto instance's occasional memory issues. I'm going to restart Mastodon and see if it fixes it.

Standby for quick restart.

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My cousin visited their parents: What are your plans for making me financially independent?

Parents: we gave you a debt-free college education.

Cousin: Then what?????

Message to Younger Millennials: please stop feeding the stereotypes about our generation.

Restarting for v3.1.5 security patch

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