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Any folks - I'd like to get your opinions on using a Django form in a detail or list view in order to get field labels. Is this a great idea or a stupid mistake that's going to crash my server, expose all my data, and imperil the universe? Thanks

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I just finished We Need to Talk by Celeste Headlee.

I'm going to try to talk to people who's political views differ from mine

I've been wearing glasses for about 15 years and still can't figure out how they get dirty so quickly

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The New York Times reviewed all 175 people charged with federal crimes so far since the Jan 6 storming of the Capitol (less than 25% of those who participated) and has some great visualizations

These people have been charged with seditious conspiracy, proof that they planned to use force to oppose the authority of the US government or hinder the execution of its laws

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It Can't Happen Here

"A questioner asked him why “what happened in [Myanmar] can’t happen here.” The question refers to the military of Myanmar, also known as Burma, launching a coup against the country’s pro-democracy civilian leaders.

After the audience cheered the idea of bringing that approach to the United States, Flynn responded that there was “no reason” such a thing couldn’t happen here.

“I mean, it should happen here,” he said, before repeating: “No reason.”"

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For a while it seemed like I was constantly reading about how awful PHP is and how it's dead. Now It seems that nobody talking about PHP at all anymore. But I can't escape it. I wanted to rewrite a Wordpress site with Django, but people I work with only know Wordpress. I got a Cisco Webex meeting link for work the other day, and the link was to a PHP file. At work, the intranet (by Interact) is built from Laravel. PHP is everywhere! Do people still think it's dying?

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Conservative Peter Wehner recognizes this phenomenon... “Having alienated college-educated suburban voters, many consequential Republicans decided their best bet is to keep their contracting coalition in a state of constant agitation and fear, combatants in a never-ending #culturewar, ‘embattled warriors making a last stand against the demise of everything,’” he writes. “And that, in turn, requires them to feed the base even greater falsehoods.”"

Sasha wanted me to cut down this "self-healing" cutting mat, which I did, but now I'm thinking about how freaky it would be if we woke up tomorrow morning and it was one piece again

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Boss invited the team to a brief meeting first thing tomorrow morning. Based on the invite list, I expect to be told we're returning to in-person work. Haven't had my 2nd vaccine shot yet, and nobody else has either, if they've even been able to get their first.

It's more important for them to know I feel the boot on my neck than for me to be healthy and safe.


Georgia's Governor Signed Voting Restrictions Into Law In Front Of A Slave Plantation Picture

uspol, link to tweet 

A different take on the "hateful eight" Senate Democrats who voted against $15 minimum wage. Before you sign this:, read this

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