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Star Trek predicted by September 2024 the poor would be moved into walled off cities, resulting in riots. We're right on track.

We fill Congress with the 1% and hope they act with a charity that they seldom practiced as citizens and neighbors.

Is it weird that I never had childhood dreams? I never thought about my future.

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Today is 19200 days since the Unix epoch, so hug a serial port

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what's funny about the "there are NO PRONOUNS in the BIBLE!" crowd is that they're also 100% the "God is a HE not a SHE" people


Just dropping a reminder that private Christian schools in the south allowed school segregation to go on for 22 years after it was abolished in public schools. The big push for private schools led by today's republican officials is deeply rooted in racism & segregation.

If someone you loved was dying, would you expect the doctors to only try to save them if it was ‘good for the economy’?

Times that by 8 billion & that’s where we are.

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uspol, history repeating 

I've been slowly working my way through "Wilmington's Lie: the story of the 1898 coup", which is how white supremacists violently seized Wilmington's government from a racially integrated (for 1890's versions of integrated) one. This is frikkin hard reading.

I just got to the "Maybe if we give them some of what they want they won't kill us all," stage of hoping to avoid a slaughter.

It did not work. It made is easier to paper over the blood stains once the fighting stopped.

There is a certain much-derided wing of the Democratic party attempting to make this bargain with the right to avoid a slaughter. It won't work.

If you could get along without King George, you can get along without King John Rockefeller. Political liberty without economic freedom is a myth. Political liberty is rooted in economic freedom. The man who controls and owns the means that sustain my life, owns and controls me.

--Eugene V. Debs

My backyard thermometer says 106. This is terrible.

Nothing a bit of recycling won't fix, eh?

The answer can't simply be recycling or clean energy. We have to reduce consumption, reduce growth to more sustainable levels.

My car was murdered in a head-on collision last month, and I'm struggling to justify buying a car at these prices.

Maybe we can be a 1-car household forever.

I'm having the feeling the night before you have to return to work, after a vacation.

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