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show a man a star wars, entertain him for a day. make a man a star wars fan and you'll make him angry at every new star wars for the rest of his life

Taxi drivers are also beholden to regulatory bodies and licensing that rideshare drivers aren't. There's nobody looking out for you except for corporate "customer service" and you KNOW how unreliable that can be.

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The big sell for rideshares was a lower price than a taxi. These days, the price is about the same.

Rideshare drivers are often not insured for commercial driving. If they get in an accident, you will have no restitution for medical bills.

If taxis are the same price, why risk it?

My kid bought a book at the book fair that I thought they based a movie on. Instead, he bought the novelization of the film, which was based on a book.

Why does this even exist?! Give kids the original book, don't novelize a movie that already has a book.

CISO at old job keeps contacting me for info and advice. Info I'm willing to provide. Shop talk is fine. But advice on how to proceed on specific scenarios? That's venturing too close to work.

golden rule of reporting is that any bad local result for "the left" presents a national mandate whereas any good local result for "the left" could only ever happen in that one place

"Responsible gun owners are fed up with the Second Amendment being abused and hijacked."

— Matthew McConaughey

(Very effective framing.)

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If anyone is watching the Uvalde hearings, I've hardly seen a less logical person with tons of straw man arguments than whoever Lucretia Hughes is. Practically gaslighting.

We gotta stop falling for this bullshit. More guns isn't the answer. It's sickness.

For upcoming work trip, company is requiring COVID test:
- before flying
- before attending team event each day
- before flying home

And guest speakers were cancelled for COVID.
But the trip is still on, and mandatory.

For this upcoming work trip to San Francisco, they've planned a 9 mile bike ride, a soccer game, and a frisbee toss, all for 1 day. My lack of athleticism will be on full display.

Cue training montage, with music!

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“There’s a squirrel in my backyard that taunts me, and I’m meanin’ to get him.” — Albert Snell, Jr. (Bar Owner)

On this day, Antifa launched a violent attack in France, killing thousands, 78 years ago.

My spouse and son have been reading The Yearling aloud. It's best that she's reading it and not me - I couldn't pull off a convincing pronunciation of the dialect. She definitely can.

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“When twenty-six people, who could all comfortably fit on a bus together (not that they’d ever ride one), own as much wealth as the poorer half of the world (nearly four billion people), you know we’re in a strange place. That sort of asymmetric resource accumulation has never existed in all of human history”

-- Jamie Wheal

I'm tired of every news outlet characterizing people working back in the office as necessary and inevitable. They headline the boss's POV and waste a lot of space on the boss's feelings, then put a blurb about how EMPLOYEES ARE JUST AS PRODUCTIVE at home. Facts > Feelings.

Socrates roamed the streets of classical Athens owning the libs by asking them to define various things and they killed him for it.

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