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1.46% of the Arkansas population actively has COVID right now. And that's only counting tests done at facilities, it doesn't count home tests.

Guess I won't be getting monoclonal antibody treatment for my COVID pneumonia. And to think, if people only got vaccinated there would be a lot more to spare.

Immune system, it's all up to you!

Michigan passes law to let cafeteria workers and bus drivers substitute teach. Basically they are just taking any warm body to babysit a room full of kids. "Is our children learning? Who cares? They have no future anyway."

Can't wait until this starts happening to medicine.

My bacterial pneumonia isn't bacterial at all. It's COVID pneumonia. Womp womp.

The climate crisis reveals that our civilization has never really been organized around science, contrary to the usual Enlightenment narrative. It is organized around capital. Science is embraced when it serves the interests of capital, and is often ignored when it does not.

I'm so tired of coughing. It doesn't seem like the antibiotics are doing a damn thing. How much longer is this going to last

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I went to the 4 pharmacies closest to my house, none had COVID rapid tests in stock. Given my currently risky health (pneumonia), I thought I should have some tests around the house for once the little one and teacher-spouse go back to school. Oh well.

I had strep a month ago, and I thought I got over it, but there was a lingering dry cough.

Now on my ski trip, it has become pneumonia.

Womp womp.

It looks like the local feed on stopped working after the last Mastodon update. Not sure how to fix it.

We skipped the traditional holiday meals this year. For Thanksgiving, we had shabu-shabu, and for Xmas we're having chili and cornbread.

Real estate implies the existence of fake estate.

How do we remain motivated to teach children who have no future?

We're killing this planet. Ocean life will be dead by 2048. Drought and starvation are coming. Poverty and suffering are becoming the default.

Government is the only force big enough to fix this, and it won't. updated to Mastodon v3.4.4 finally. Got busy with the new job, was a little delayed.

Guy in Plato’s Cave: “Okay but what if I owned one of these shadows on the wall, with the blockchain?”

TED talks are nothing more than Oprah for the professional class.

Just got over strep and I have a sore throat again.

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