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Having to choose my pronouns on my new job onboarding. We're not in Arkansas anymore, toto.

I'm reminded of the fact that my child's "Elf" is named Chewbacca. He thinks that's a perfectly normal name.

<Dog starts barking>
Phone: Your package has been delivered.

I will be spending the majority of the next 2 weeks running training sessions on systems that are supposed to be everyone's responsibility -- because they never were, they were only mine. Not for much longer!

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Employer is acting a bit put off, like 2 weeks notice isn't enough. It isn't my fault that you tolerated everyone else coasting and knowing nothing, you never made them learn the things I built (and left me to build everything). I wrote documentation, what more can I do?!

I'm up at 4am puking. Why did I eat chili

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New job is sending me a MBP and 2 27" monitors. I already have 3 monitors if varying sizes. I need to figure out a way to optimize my desk.

A regional mega church is now sending junk mail. Shows the quality of their institution.

I'm trying to find an electric timer that doesn't have a schedule, but you just turn a dial or press a button and it's on for a couple hours. Trying to prevent future late night drives to make sure hot glue guns were unplugged.

Put in my notice today. They're panicking a little, offering me all sorts of things to make me stay. I like these people as people, so I'm letting them down as gently as I can.

The irony of hearing Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" (paved paradise) in Walmart.

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