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My child told me they had to evacuate their classroom yesterday due to a gas leak, caused by ongoing construction. They spent a good portion of the school day in the cafeteria. He could smell it, "it made me want to puke."

No notification to the parents whatsoever.

Art teacher spouse had a kid say: "My family is really poor but I really like art class, so here's my savings so we can have art supplies," and hands her a crumpled dollar bill.

Schools shouldn't need to be taking money from our poor communities to fund our schools.

Luckily, we have a sticker maker, so we'll be buying supplies for it (from our own money) and let the kids make their own stickers. Because a promise is a promise.

Screwing over school fundraisers happens too damn often. Companies make their money, and screw the poor kids.

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My art teacher spouse did a fundraiser where kids artwork is sent to a company to be digitized and parents can order prints of the art, but each kid is promised a free set of stickers of their art.

The company has reneged on the free stickers. Most kids can't afford the prints.

"Trudging through the mud and stench of the shattered camps, crouching in the sandbagged hovels, I convinced myself that the Israeli thirst for vengeance would not be stilled until the accusing eyes of the last Palestinian child had been closed for good." --John Le Carré

"The only pauses in the history of human conflict had been pauses not for moderation, but excess, pauses for the world to redivide itself, for the thugs and the victims to find each other, for greed and deprival to regroup.". --
John Le Carré

I feel this one.

I think American democracy is doomed after 2022. Republicans are purging the party of any who believe in elections, and after a midterm bump in 2022 they will have the power to overturn any election their party doesn't win. And they will.

I was wondering why today was so tense and stressful despite nothing terrible happening. Then I remembered I didn't take my meds because I'm trying to stretch them until my doctor's appointment.

Networking decided to block all DNS queries in the firewall on a Friday afternoon.

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I'm looking forward to the meltdown videos about workplace vaccine requirements. Please, schadenfreude is all I have left.

My job has me on the verge of an anxiety attack. This is normal, right?

I just now learned my grandfather died this morning and I'm somehow supposed to present at a meeting in 30 minutes.

What works at stopping chigger bite itch? I have 215 bites on my feet alone. I've tried: benadryl cream, calamine, hydrocortisone, benzocaine, lidocaine, oatmeal bath, aloe. Numbing with ice works, but I can't sleep that way.

Day 4 and I really need some quality sleep.

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