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Any recipe that has you chop multiple raw vegetables and claims a prep time under 30 minutes is lying.

Her classroom will start the year without air conditioning. They rolled in "portable AC" but on an 84 degree day the room feels about the same as the outdoors.
When it's high-80s or 90+, the kids won't be able to learn.

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My spouse teaches every student in the elementary school. Her budget is less than $1 per student.

And the construction workers who used her classroom as their office this summer pilfered her supplies.

We've spent so much of our own money on her students, we can't do it anymore. Instead of nice folders or binders to store student work, they'll get paper grocery sacks. She will stretch her school budget to the last penny, but we're not spending a dime of ours.

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My conservative evangelical right-wing mother-in-law suggested we should restrict my secular center-right health-obsessed father from visiting our under-12 child because my father won't get vaccinated (he believes anti-vax supplement salesmen on the internet).

Strange times. Political lines in weird directions.

Spouse accidentally bought the wrong fiber powder for herself, I said I'll drink it.

Now I'm drinking thick goop that tastes mildly reminiscent of Tang. Do not recommend.

Chiropractics is not an evidence-based field. It’s full of voodoo and quacks.

We call healthcare workers and teachers "heroes" because we expect them to sacrifice themselves for the rest of us.

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Employers doing a survey to find that most of their employees are vaccinated, then mandating vaccines for employees, is not the bold leadership people think it is.

I'm thinking I'm experiencing job burnout. I'm the only one who can do a large chunk of things, that least is ever growing, and no amount of documentation can give others skills.

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Hobby Lobby buys a tablet from Christie's auction house, and everyone carefully checks a box marked "we asked if it was stolen and the seller said no" and then the tablet turns out to be stolen, twice now. I knew Hobby Lobby was overly credulous before, but the fun lesson I'm getting now is that everyone is in on this whole international graverobbery business. Everything bought from Christie's is probably stolen, and that's never going to negatively impact Christie's.

We can force people to sign up for the draft and go to war, but we can't force them to get a vaccine?

The only way I would feel properly compensated for my work is if I received a raise every time a manager told me "thank you for all that you do"

Thank me with money.

Why are nearly all salespeople giant manbabies who can't do anything for themselves? They literally have no job skills, if they don't have "connections" because of nepotism and solidarity among the upper class, they really have zero to offer.

Yet they get fast tracked to upper management.

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