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Allergies are the body overreacting to something harmless. Christianity has proven itself to be far from harmless.

Fun fact: the Israelites were likely polytheistic up until roughly the time of Elijah. Yahweh, El, Baal, all of these were probably worshipped by Old Testament figures, and over time they were all merged into Yahweh and retconned out of the story.

Pretty weird.

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I have an RG351V retro handheld console on order. Pretty psyched to have something to tinker around with.

Let me get this straight: God sends himself to die as a sacrifice to himself, so that you can escape punishment from...him. Also, he, being omniscient, knew humanity would break his rules yet punishes for it

A lot of plot holes, but as long you don't hurt anyone, I guess it's ok

Walmart workers are paid a starvation wage, and Walmart just financially backed Arkansas' abortion ban and anti-trans laws, but sure let's call it multicultural haircare to pretend to be woke.

The resolution goes on to attack transgender children. Supporters of HR1018 said Jesus told us not to sin. The AR House is just a bad megachurch now.

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AR House just passed a resolution to stop our schools from inundating children with porn and pro-abortion propaganda (?)

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This morning's controversy: the kinder got upset when he asked "if I found a diamond bigger than my head, can I keep it?" and we answered, "we would sell it and you would be rich" and he got really upset and started sobbing, then asked, "what if it's only as big as my head?"

I want to see the Venn diagram of those who oppose "vaccine passports" and support drug testing for welfare recipients.

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Passover. Where god needed to be reminded which children to NOT kill.

A four year degree from the University of Arkansas will cost over $100,000, which is 2.25 times the average Arkansans’ yearly income

I'm tired of the fetishizing of small businesses. Their owners would gladly trade the climate and the wellbeing of their workers for more wealth.

They're all wannabe-Bezos. It's not worth commending them for failing to become gigantic parasites.

Philanthropy exists as a way to launder reputation to the rich in a morally bankrupt society.

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