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Philanthropy exists as a way to launder reputation to the rich in a morally bankrupt society.

"I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink."*
- Matthew 25:35

*Offer not valid in Georgia.

Boss invited the team to a brief meeting first thing tomorrow morning. Based on the invite list, I expect to be told we're returning to in-person work. Haven't had my 2nd vaccine shot yet, and nobody else has either, if they've even been able to get their first.

It's more important for them to know I feel the boot on my neck than for me to be healthy and safe.

My version of the trolley problem: how can you run over Tuvix and Neelix at the same time?

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Scully struggles to take crop circles seriously. Mulder worries about CIA shit.

The Dalai Lama just confessed to having a gambling habit.

He said, "I like Tibet."

Is there a vegetarian/vegan equivalent to spam? And I don't mean ham substitute, I really mean spam. It has to be richer and saltier.

I want to become the kind of left-of-center American whose tastes, perspective, and erudition are so elevated and cosmopolitan that I use "liberals" as an scornful epithet because I pretend not to know what that word means in Standard American English.

A student's submission for the Earth Day 🌎 contest. I think we have a winner.

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I'm frequently reminding myself of this. It doesn't help me feel much better, but it gives me some logical closure.

My workplace's training program identifies being "moody and withdrawn" as a warning sign of workplace violence. I feel attacked.

For "Employee Appreciation Day" we were asked to dress like it's the 50s, then given a can of Coca-Cola and a small pack of Chips-Ahoy cookies.

They still haven't re-instated 401k matching.

Democratic Party only seems to have power in one scenario

As I understand it the American Right is now both white nationalist and pro-Neanderthal. The Ku Klux Klan of the Cave Bear?

I'm being brought in on a webdev project, despite not being a webdev, because the webdev's code runs in Visual Studio but doesn't run on the IIS server, and the "IIS expert" is stumped. Looks like it's an issue with the code, so I guess I'm now debugging C#/ASP.Net.

We need to add PR, DC, and Guam as states.

53 = prime number

Then we would truly be one nation, indivisible.

It's probably fine, right? Light headed, tight chest, shallow breathing, cold extremities.

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Feeling really weird after being prescribed medication for a fungal rash

Democrats and their $2000 checks, minimum wage increase, and reuniting families at the border

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