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I don't know what happens after GameStop but I'm *pretty* sure that neofeudalism is on the table. So that's exciting.

My kid was sent home from school due to COVID exposure from a staff member. Quarantine time.

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Rich People: wHy dOn'T tHe pOoR jUsT iNvEsT tHeIr mOnEy
Poor People: Ok.
Rich People: ...
Rich People: wait stop

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is "monitoring the situation" with GameStop stock. Funny to imagine Yellen sitting there hitting refresh on Reddit.

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From now on the only time I want to hear Trump's name is related to impeachment, lawsuits, hearings and bankruptcies.

Welp what horrible thing did the president say early this morning wait we’re not doing that anymore?

Salmon are born upstream, swim out to the ocean, then finally swim upstream to lay eggs and die. The whole thing is sisyfishean.

I wish I could convince 4 people to adopt Signal, then I could remove the last Facebook product from my phone (Messenger). It's frustrating.

It is clear that many evangelical Trump supporters would rather have a white savior with an AR-15 than a brown-skinned Savior with a cross.

The vaccine rollout is so typical of this country's approach to delivering public goods. A decentralized and underfunded patchwork of organizations tasked with moving mountains by a federal government motivated primarily by a fanatical fear of the wrong people receiving benefit.

My kid's been a real pill lately, which doesn't help. He argues over every god damn thing, whines constantly, and has little fits when he's expected to do anything outside his usual routine. It's exhausting.

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Feeling really down lately. So stressed. Life is endless work. Work work, house work, family work, relationship work. I want to just sleep all the time and have the world leave me alone. Have no time, ever.

Donald tried to get on Melania’s Twitter but she told him the password was Barron’s middle name plus his birthday.

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