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Sorry everyone, Postgres decided to barf and I had to restore from a backup.

Good news: the backup works :)

Bad news: wtf Mastodon

Unexpected snow and a wind chill below 10F tonight.

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Parents, our food regulators are failing us. Too much regulatory capture, the "industry regulating itself" is allowing our children to be poisoned for profit. We need real and enforced food safety standards.


Prediction: sportsball team will win, other sportsball team fans will blame the ref or cheating.

And the non-fans will rave about watching advertising like a bunch of goons.

Trump doesn't trust football. Is this enough for his supporters to turn on him?

There are no deaths from capitalism. If a poor dies from exposure, it was his choice to prioritize food over another blanket. Rumor has it that in 1987, he spent money on a thing that wasn't strictly necessary for survival, so he is the only one to blame for his misfortune.

I haven't had caffeine for days, yet my eye is still switching.

Good news everybody @assortedflotsam! We're upgraded to Mastodon 2.7.1

Release notes here:

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For whatever reason, I've been desperately craving sweet things over the last few days. But we have nothing sweet in the house, and I'm too responsible to go out and feed an unhealthy craving.

I may have eaten the rock-solid stale marshmallows we had in the back of the pantry. They weren't very sweet.

Gillibrand operated as a Republican-lite out of rural New York and then suddenly shifted all of her positions when she became a Senator. She has no political convictions or values beyond wanting power. She isn't genuine in anything she does, it's all just political posturing. Harris, Booker, Warren, Biden, or Sanders at least have something genuine about wanting to improve people's lives, regardless of whether you love or hate their ideology.

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Selling a 6-digit serial Commodore 64, working, NTSC, no cables or power brick. Will go on eBay later, but for my Mastodon followers you can call early dibs. $75 plus shipping (US only). DM if interested. #retrocomputing

Alright everyone, has been upgraded to Mastodon 2.7.0

Also, we've re-opened registration!

Service blipped again this morning, but it came back up on its own.

And to think, I changed providers last year, doubling what I'm paying, in the hopes of reducing downtime. Oh well.

Sorry peeps. I changed to a new VPS host this past fall and it has been MUCH better. However, yesterday it simply stopped responding and their control panel kept throwing errors. And then my support tickets went unanswered for 24 hours. Still no support response, but it came back up??? Very odd.

This is a fantastic analysis of the different bloques within the Democratic primary. It's a must read.

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Scully worries about Doggett's new videogame habit. Mulder accuses a corporate executive of being an alien.

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