@Siphonay I support products that use these style of installers.

My kid was asking if rabbits can get coronavirus. He's concerned for the Easter bunny.

We told him the Easter bunny can't get human sicknesses.

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Companies are not charitable or tolerant. They're money-making machines with budget set aside for PR.

My spouse ordered 2 bags of flour on Amazon. They were shipped in a box, just dropped in there.
So now we have a box full of flour.

I have mixed feelings about Trump calling it "Chinese virus".
On the one hand, Trump is obviously race baiting. On the other, it's China's poor animal rights and food market policies that created the disease.
It's a disease of Chinese policy's making, but not Chinese ethnicity or nationality.

National Day of Prayer Fails to Stop Coronavirus.

Oh wow, I wonder why....

@Gargron Our local highway was covered in thousands of roll of TP.

We need more of this.

BBC News - Climate change: New rules could spell end of 'throwaway culture'

Just got a Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine. Fantastic home router.

I found a $20 bill on the ground outside the pharmacy.

Updating Assortedflotsam.com to the latest release ....

So we were out for 2 days because my host had a large network outage in their DC. Sorry everyone.

I'm sad.. the fingerprint sensor on my phone doesn't work anymore. Did everything I could, even factory reset the phone.

Now I have to type my PIN in again like it's 2014.

ASSORTEDFLOTSAM.COM will be rebooting briefly. Mailgun, our mail provider, is ending their free tier and I don't see the point in paying them for what little email we send. Instead, emails will be sent directly from the server.

We're putting rooftop solar on our home! We should be able to generate the entirety of our home's electrical power from the sun, through most of the year.

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