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The IRS audits the working poor at higher rates than they audit the wealthy. The concern here obviously isn't lost revenue, it's about stealing from the government by the wealthy not paying their fair share.

@scribblefrog You won't find me disagreeing with the argument that Harry Potter is objectively bad 😉

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My poor kiddo has had a rough month. First an upper respiratory bug, on and off coughing, then random high fevers, now conjunctivitis and ear infections.

It was a little scary the other day when I noticed he wasn't watching his cartoon, because he couldn't hear it. Later he came up to me with his truck saying the siren didn't work. It worked, he just couldn't hear it.

He's much better now after days of antibiotics. We can hold a conversation at a normal volume level.

@artsyhonker "Hi, I pirate music, and here is my name and address."

Doesn't seem worth it.

@gingerrroot I run my own instance for less than $90/yr I think, and I would have had the server regardless (it's cloud storage for another project).

It does take some Linux know-how, though.

Is there any benefit in running a relay on a small instance?

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Say what you will about Edge, I've very rarely seen any criticism about it that wasn't completely valid but it's one of the few non-chromium rendering engines and the chakra engine was open sourced a couple of years ago.

Another browser once again moving to Blink/Chromium is uhhhh bad and web monoculture is garbage

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Skinner winces skeptically at evil AIs. Doggett stares piercingly at Jeffrey Spender.

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A frequent argument brought to criticize wages of public or regulated-industry employees is that they shouldn't be paid better (get better benefits, etc.) than me.

Why the fuck not? Why aren't YOU paid and treated better? Why should your being underpaid be used to justify paying other people less for their time and labor?

This working-class wage envy only funnels more money to the top, and dehumanizes us all. More labor solidarity, less capitalism-inspired selfishness. Thx.

@Gargron I wish there was an easy way to get a notice when a new version is available.

@lain I'm guilty of this. Luckily for me, in the end my wife is always right.

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Being technically correct but missing the point completely is one of the big problems in conversations with tech people

I would like a Venn diagram with those who support stand your ground laws and those who think the missionary was in the right to trespass on Sentinel Island.

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