YouTube just recommended a video titled "What Greta Thunberg does not understand about climate change, by Jordan Peterson"

Me: watches dozens of videos on home solar and electric cars.
YouTube: How about some climate change denial?

I replaced my old clunker with an electric car, the 2020 Chevy Bolt EV.

My kid nicknamed it Wattson.

I think it's rich for companies to use COVID-19 as an excuse for their long hold times, as if their hold times were any shorter before.

The amount of packaging waste is completely mind-boggling.

It's really telling that corporations use copyright to grant permanent ownership of products that don't create waste (intellectual property), but take no long-term ownership of products that create a massive burden on society.

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Cops confiscated this sign 2 years ago from a Texas yard; their police chief was arrested Saturday for continuous sexual abuse of a child.

I dreamed that I woke up to a BBC headline that said "Ruth Bader Ginsburg DEAD"

I blame Tom Cotton for this dream.

[The Washington Post] Bob Woodward book: In Trump interviews for 'Rage,' president says he downplayed coronavirus threat - The Washington Post
Bob Woodward book: In Trump interviews for 'Rage,' president says he downplayed coronavirus threat - The Washington Post

I worry that this is the final electoral college map we'll see. Nobody wins.

In theory, it goes to the House. But we're in norms-breaking times.

My kindergartner said when he's a parent, and his kid won't go to sleep, he will "cover their face with a mask with sleeping gas."

We told him you can't do that, it's illegal. He was confused and disappointed.

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We're currently entering a similar scenario to the collapse of USSR when US became the sole superpower making capitalism the dominant system in the world. US collapse will lead to China being the unchallenged power and communism becoming the dominant ideology.

Two weeks ago I installed a new dishwasher. While loading it the first time, I bumped my shin on the edge of it and got a pretty significant gash. Well, it just happened again, 2 inches from the previous spot.

Compartmentalize the various elements of our collective dystopia into manageable chunks of panic time.

It's an effort to depress testing and case numbers, as a political ruse. The problem is that sick people, hospitalizations, and deaths can't be as easily made invisible. This is a recipe for a nationwide disaster perpetrated by its leaders.

Trump is trying to kill us all.

I'm convinced Hasbro hires engineering dropouts to design these Transformers toys. They're just so bad. A 6 year old is supposed to be able to follow 30+ steps to turn Megatron into a tank??! And there are little pieces that get lost immediately, and it falls apart. It's just so bad.

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