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@grainloom Are you sure it isn't an issue of resolution? BIOS is usually a very low resolution.

@nivex Make sure you have good SPF and DMARC records. Also, send all mail over TLS (or at least prefer it)

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Mass shootings in 2019 in countries that play a lot of video games

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@Mrfunkedude The site's satirical headline is completely on point.

We are the only country that has this problem, and the only country that has refused to enact policies to solve it.

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@freemo #introduction
Italian, I teach #philosophy in Dublin (Ireland) and do research for the Iona Institute, a Christian think-tank/advocacy group.
I am interested in #stamps,
#comics, #bioethics, #chesterton.
I waste too much of my time online.

Sunday night and a glass of Becherovka.

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My preschooler just asked, "if the ocean is salty and briney, wouldn't a sea cucumber be a sea pickle?"

Can't argue with that.

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