Walmart workers are paid a starvation wage, and Walmart just financially backed Arkansas' abortion ban and anti-trans laws, but sure let's call it multicultural haircare to pretend to be woke.

A student's submission for the Earth Day 🌎 contest. I think we have a winner.

I'm frequently reminding myself of this. It doesn't help me feel much better, but it gives me some logical closure.

Democratic Party only seems to have power in one scenario

Democrats and their $2000 checks, minimum wage increase, and reuniting families at the border

It only went above freezing for a couple hours yesterday, insufficient melting. And today is likely to be the same with a 30% chance of more snow this afternoon/tonight.

I rationally understand that in terms of ROI, it doesn't make sense to buy a long-poled squeegee, but it's still tempting.

Also, snow is temporary but scratches last forever.

Janeway intentionally skipped opportunities to return to Earth, just to delay Harry Kim from getting a promotion.

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