I've been told that I'm being cut down to 3 days a week at work. The entire IT team is.

I'm a bit upset about it.

I have no idea how my responsibilities can be reasonably covered at this ratio, and then ultimately I will be held responsible for these systems failing.

Effectively, I've been told I'm expendable, and they're pushing me onto the plank.

@smeg That sucks. If you're in the Bay Area, my employer is hiring IT.

@smeg anything that happens needs to be cost effective.
Can this be an opportunity for you to automate what you do more now?

@EdwardTorvalds I'm the automation advocate on the team, so I've automated as much of my stuff as I can, and I regularly help others automate their processes.

The downside of automation is that sometimes it glitches, and if the person monitoring the automations is only there 3 days a week, that means it's not being monitored the other 2.

So items others own, but I've automated parts of, will now be my fault when the automations break down.

@EdwardTorvalds Also, absolutely nobody reads the documentation I write on how the automations work. So they accidentally break stuff from time to time.

@smeg when things start to break more then before you can just communicate it with your management the reason of it.

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