Gillibrand operated as a Republican-lite out of rural New York and then suddenly shifted all of her positions when she became a Senator. She has no political convictions or values beyond wanting power. She isn't genuine in anything she does, it's all just political posturing. Harris, Booker, Warren, Biden, or Sanders at least have something genuine about wanting to improve people's lives, regardless of whether you love or hate their ideology.

@smeg It's hard to decide who to like or dislike at this point. People with bad history aren't necessarily bad people. But I'm still angry at Sanders.

@bnmng Hmm, different people are mad at Sanders for different reasons.

Was it because he ran at all, or didn't drop out when the writing was on the wall, reducing Clinton enthusiasm? Or because he didn't go above and beyond to support Clinton after he dropped out?

Or are you the other way, mad that he gave in at all, mad that he endorsed Clinton in the end, mad that he didn't run as independent?

I think it's interesting that he's polling pretty well despite how polarizing he is.

@smeg Among other things, over and over he was silent when his fans blamed Clinton and the DNC for such things as the way New York runs its primaries. He blamed his failures on a rigged system when Clinton out drew him. She outdrew him because she had been preparing for decades and he just rolled out of bed one morning and decided to temporarily call himself a Democrat. The system needs reforms, but she worked the system - he didn't know how. And he was slow and weak endorsing Clinton.

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