Somewhere around here I have Dark Funeral's 1994 debut EP and I really need to find it because I just remembered what a ripper of a tune "Open the Gates" is.

Time to bust out a nineties classic. I liked this album a lot back in the day, and hated that it got lumped in with all the nu metal crap despite not being nu metal.

Latin Wordle, let's gooooo

Latin Wordle 25 3/6


Early contender for best black metal album of 2022: Wiegedood's latest, There's Always Blood at the End of the Road.

The rare Horn of Africa buthid genus Lanzatus Kovařík, 2001 was newly collected in Somaliland in two localities. We describe a new species Lanzatus huluul sp. n. fully illustrated with color photos showing its morphology, habitus, hemispermatophore and collection areas.

True happiness is a gift of free cheese from one of my favorite cheesemakers.

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